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Mobile RV Repair wants to make your experience with us as easy, accommodating and stress-free as possible so we would like for our customers to understand the RV industry and how our service calls work.

Please understand that Mobile RV Repair is a SMALL COMPANY with LIMITED employees and we are trying to service the ENTIRE Southeast Texas Area. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate absolutely EVERYONE’s request for IMMEDIATE ATTENTION but promise to give everyone the fastest service possible.

We are also unable to give EXACT TIMES for our service calls. A couple of reasons for this are:

  1. We NEVER know how long we’re going to be, from one appointment to the next. A “simple repair” could also turn into a customer wanting us to look at five other items that were NOT in the initial service call. We don’t mind doing this because we want to make our customers happy, but we do try to put some kind of time limit on each call.
  2. The weather also plays a big role in being able to get to our customers in a timely manner.
  3. We ALL KNOW how the traffic can be in Houston...

To accommodate our customers and their schedules, we will work around them to the BEST of our abilities. We will also give our customers a courtesy call when we are headed their way. This always allows customers to be FREE to do whatever they need to do that day, without having to wait on us.

There are times, also due to ALL of the reasons listed above that we may need to reschedule your service call. We understand when the customer needs to reschedule so we ask our customers to be just as understanding when we need to reschedule.

When setting up your service call, please have the following information readily available to expedite the process:

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* Please see our Specials & Incentives page for complete details.

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Deposits are non-refundable.